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Clinics in Osaka

MI Clinic

img_clinic03_01MI Clinic provides PET-CT and MRI examination. In particular, PET-CT examination has a significant effect on early detection and treatment of malignant tumors. They are also committed to screening cancer by using PET-CT for people in good health.

Clinic Introduction

Name of Clinic MI Clinic
Japanese Name of Clinic 医療法人仁泉会MIクリニック
Address 1-12-13 Shoji, Toyonaka city, Osaka

Course Description

Clssification Contents Premium
Consultation Health Questionaire In English
Basic Measurement Body Measurement (Height, Body Weight, Vision, Blood Pressure, Body Fatness)
PET-CT From head to thigh
Breast PET Only female
Breast echography Only female
Head MRI Cerebral infarction,brain tumor
Head MRA Stenosis or aneurysm
Pelvic MRI Bladder, Prostate, Uterus, Ovary
Thyroid Echography Neck artery, Thyroid
Abdomen Echography Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidney
Blood Test Blood RT Liver function, Kidney function, Hepatitis Virus
Tumor maker AFP · CEA · CYFRA · CA-19-9 · Pro-GRP·PSA (Male)
CA125 (Femal) · CA15-3 (Femal) · SCCantigen
Stomach test Anti-HP, Pepsinogen
ECG ECG, Arteriosclerosis, Bone density
Other Urine analysis, Stool analysis
Price Include Tax 8% ¥345,000


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