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Business Lines

1Support and advisory service for development of medical mall
We promote to set up “medical malls” as a core concept of redevelopment in the vicinity of stations or new residential development. We produce medical malls totally and find clinics and pharmacies for lease. We also provide various supports for tenant clinics by assisting them to enhance partnership with neighbor hospitals, proposing business models and sales strategies, giving advisory service to purchase medical equipment and facilities in malls. We even plan healthcare classes and activities for local residents.
2Support and advisory service for hospital
We provide a total support and advisory service for our clients who consider new open, M&A, management reconstruction, relocation and renovation of hospitals through our activities including planning, budget and schedule management, land acquisition, financing and negotiations with local authorities concerned or stakeholders.
3Support service for international medical coordinate business
SOCION Healthcare Management Co. Ltd., has a highly qualified coordinate skill and broad network of medical institutions through many years of experience in medical coordinate business. We provide a wide range of medical services to overseas patients who want to have health checks, treatments and second opinion services at advanced medical institutions in Japan. We are also listed as a registered guarantor (medical coordinator) by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Registration No. B-116).
4Support and management service for homecare business
We support doctors who are to start homecare business with our original know-how and manuals. One of our unique methods is to send our staff called “coordinator” for total management of homecare clinics and to help doctors having lots of works to do. We relieve doctors from their burdensome tasks and enables them to engage fully in medical practice.